hello sunshine!

eyes starts to droll down d bits & pieces of my life...

poor thing at 25.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

such a poor thing for me.
couldnt celebrate my birthday night even with a simple nice dinner.
cause of what???
cause im stucked at d office till 1am plus.
mr.boyfie waited for me like so long...almost 5 hours plus i guess..
tooo bad...sooo sad...
even my sisters had to wait like so long as well. coz i reached home quite late.
cian diorang. wat surprise dlm keadaan sgt ngantuk n penat menunggu.
wat to do. 1st task as an exec. have too. No is not accepted here.
redha je lah...

to my dearest darling,
i am truly sorry coz i've wasted ur time waiting for me.
i am truly sorry coz we had to cancelled our dinner date.
please apologise me for that.

to my dearest luvly,
i am truly amazed that u 've waited for me patiently.
i am truly amazed that u didn't even blow out ur temper coz of waiting for so long.
i am truly amazed u'd tried to undestand my situation.my work.
sangat terharu...

Thanks alot luvly!.
Im lucky to have u!
thanks a million!

2 justaword:

fadly ismail said...

i'm sorry i cant organize a big surprise party for u...im sorry i cant take u to beautiful places during ur birthday...all i can do is to shower u with lots n lots n lots of love.... ;)

allboutema said...

dear darling, u don't have to say sorry for this. this is not ur fault. plus i am thankful coz having u in my life makes me so fortunate with all d loves and happiness! love u! :)