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Malaysia rock d field!

Monday, January 3, 2011


Bukan bodek ye tapi betul saye sayang Malaysia. nah buktinya saye sgt berkobar2 menyaksikan football match btw Malaysia vs Vietnam n final Malaysia vs Indonesia.
Yeayyyy! Malaysia won the title AFF Suzuki Cup champion after 14 years. amazing kan?

Malaysia vs Vietnam @ Bukit Jalil
- It was a sudden plan whereby me,mr.luvly,acap,iznie,sarah and amai went and watched it at Bkt Jalil! see, semangat kan?
traffic was soo congested. cars,motorcycles,peoples and polices are everywhere. dalam kete kami amat berkobar2 and harung jugak jam tu semata2 nak dapat parking dekat. dengan kebijaksanaan mr.driver, we managed to get the nearest parking. whuhooo! b4 dat we pusing2 cari jalan masuk and that caused us late. plus gerak pun agak lambat la sebenarnya since hari tu hari bekerja.
kami semua masuk 2nd half (by the time we masuk, guard tu bagi free masuk.so semua masuk free. rugi giler beli tiket.tapi xpe..sedekah. ;p )
we've got d best seats u know (not really lar but it was ok) sakit tekak cheering for our fav player(d gurls la) plus everytime Malaysia hit the goal we jump n shout like no body business! sangattt best!
thank God, Malaysia won 2-0! yeayyy! abes game kami g makan char keow teow ramai2 and all of us had sooo much fun n excitement. ye larr...xpenah2 g stadium tgk bola kan..hehehe
thanks to mr.luvly coz bersusah payah g sneak out during office hour p beli tiket. muacks!

second match at Vietnam, Malaysia successfully maintain the score thus beat Vietnam with still, 2-0. :) so malaysia masuk final jumpe Indonesia....

Malaysia vs Indonesia @ bukit Jalil :1st final match
- yang ni momen yang sangat2 tak dapat dilupakan! siyes!
this time around d gurls xdpt join plus they fear d indons gonna harm us and what not. but i ardently going for it! and taddaaa...mr.luvly purchased the tix for us (thanks alot dear!) and he fulfil my wish to watch d match at d stadium. only me n him u know.
i kinda quarrelled with him at first, asking him to watch with his friends since watching with a girl might end up being boring...girls kan... technical part of a football game memang zero..nadda..so takut si dia bosan. but... he insisted and chosed to watch with me.how nice...thanks luvly!
story begin...
at first mr.luvly fetch me using his car..we arrived there quite early coz we've learned from our mistake,xmau lambat. dalam 6 lebih sampai sane.OMG! luarbiasa keadaannya.kereta and motor berpusu2 nak g stadium. 1.5km dari stadium orang dah start parking.WOWW! people are willing to walked really far just to go and watch the match. amazing! mcm2 feil dapat dilihat. saya tersenyum sendirian. *bangga* lepas stuck like so long, we suddenly decided to go back and take his scooter. hati agak ragu2 sebenarnya, ye lah mane penah naik scooter ngan org lagi2 jauh cam gini. tapi... saya percaya dia. so i said 'ok b! syg xksh, gembel jer! as long as dpt masuk on time!' dengan lajunya we escape d traffic and headed home. amik scooter die and vroommmmm....
taddaa! sampai on time and parking betul2 depan gate! yeayyy!
masuk je stadium, suasana amatttt gegak gempita! people are cheering everywhere. one thing which catched my eyes is that, dalam tengah2 lautan manusia dan kebisingan yang melampau...i saw a group of guys performed their maghrib. Ya Allah, rase sangat kagum n rase seperti akan pergi berjuang di medan perang..achewahh...tapi betul! perasaan tu xdpt digambarkan...
we walked around the stadium to look for the best seat but fullhouse.too bad...so sad...
we had to stand all way babeh till the match ends. no one is moving out even during d 2nd half. amazing! squeezing,humid hot like a summer in africa. haha...we bedal je as long as dapat tgk!
i've got d chance to watch all 3 goals but sadly mr.luvly xdpt tgk coz terlindung oleh wall sambil melindungi gf die. thanks honey! i noe i will always be safe when im with u. :)
kaki penat giler jengket coz im d shortest among d guys..what to do...
momen yg paling saye suke bile abes je game, we quickly search for seats. den we've came close to these bunch of guys who enthusiastically played the kompang, drum, and all sorts of instrument. and we joined them! FUN lol! we sang, we cheers, we shout! everyone! plus kenal ke tak orang tue everyone snapped the hands together. auwww...i like this feeling! i like being a malaysian!
i even snapped my hands over with indonesian fans when our scooter pass by them. it was so awesome!
i also saw multiracial people all over the places. so overwhelming!
mase nak balik pun everyone are nonstop cheering..us too! all the roads full of happy faces people! they dance, they smile, they do all kinds of happy motions. i love it!
now the unforgettable moment begin...
mr.luvly drive back home to get his car so that he can send me home safely. unfortunately mase odw balik tu he suddenly masuk shell through the exit(somewhere in subang area). i was wondering why, but then he told me that further front there is a roadblock and he didnt bring his roadtax(roadtax xde coz kat abg die). kebetulan pulak saye nak g toilet so pegilah.... xlame lepas tu ade satu motor try to escape from the roadblock(tak pakai helmet). they was caught up by the mata2. then later on another motorist, trying to escape as well. tapi tertangkap jugak. im kinda blurr...mr.luvly pulak cube call abg die suh anta roadtax asap. somehow tak lame lepas tu polis tu suspicious on us coz we've been lingering around the petrol station quite sometimes. guess what??? end up we kene saman jugak... :( what a bad ending. one thing u need to noe, i am sooooo nervous when d police ask for my ic when i notice that my ic invisible in my pouch. Tuhan yang tahu perasaan tu. few times jugak lah check my pouch tapi xde. last call from the police to see my ic, i walk very slowww towards d police and mr.luvly to thousand check my ic. and....... taddaaa! sampai je kat police tu tibe2 muncul pulak ic! terus je bagi...what a relieveeeeeeeeeeeeed.......phewwwwwwwwwwwwwww......
after police tu blah...we looked at each other and laughed out for ourself.
klaka ade.giler pun ade.cute pun ade. :D
one thing for sure...i noticed that i wasnt nervous at all when we was caught up by the police coz i noe my man will always protect me for what ever things happen esp bad things and i noe i will always be safe with him. i love this feeling soo much! thanks alot luvly! just the 'invisible ic' thingy make me nervous.thats it!
Overall that night was kinda nightmare at the end but we reallyyyy had fun! crazieee thing make it the best extraordinary moment for us to remember. :)

Malaysia vs Indonesia @ Hasan SS15 : 2nd final match
- i am so excited to watch the match since Malaysia is odw to be d champion. so me n mr.luvly plan to watch it somewhere outside the house. so he chose Hasan coz his friends are there. Unfortunately there are no ladies at all. so im a lil bit cuak. without d ladies im gonna be isolated u know...rase janggal. so without further ado, i straight away called up iznie asking her to join us. Lucky me! she and acap is odw to subang thus i quickly persuade her to go to hasan n she said yes! :)
another lucky me! later after that i called up sarah and wanted her to join me n iznie and guess what?! she said yes plus she's odw to hasan with her friends..whooohuuu! what a lucky lucky luck! i've got d best company to join me watching d match. Of course! we had a great night cheering for Malaysia. it was such a good game and anak che mat did an amazing flying man to save most of the tries. His skills are superb! everyone praising him alot! For me he is the man of the match that night! since after that, he become famous together with safee sali. cool kan?!

in a nut shell, i enjoyed every moment shared together with lovely people who has a lovely heart! they are awesome and watching games with them making the moments much more special. Malaysia won is another special thingy. :D

I love every single thing i've been through. nice!

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