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Fabulous 26!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Nothing else i could ask for but am a happy 26 lady! :)

12.01.2012 mark a great history in my life. 26 has made my day fly high above the sky.
First thing in the morning, I've received a beautiful bouquet of lilies from my love. it was really a surprised for me n i really loved it! never receive any surprises @office before. Everyone in the office congratulate me and some of them praised mr.boyfie of what he had done :D 

Later in the evening, i actually had a visit to handle outside so i thought of going back home straight away after everything settled. Unfortunately, boss called and said I have to attend a meeting. Sadly return back to the office even though time is ticking @5pm. bluerghhh....I was seating at my place settling some pending works. Suddenly Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you....lalalala....I was like...Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! so surprise coz my boss and colleagues all gathered and sing a birthday song. They bought a Pavlova cake and perghhhhh...it was super delicious okkkk! 


I'm touched and happy! Thank God coz i fall at the right place with lovely people around me. Hope it stays forever. :) i love my job! 
Back home, i thought mr.boyfie will give me a call for a Bday dinner unfortunately he didn't. I was a bit disappointed coz he said he's still at work. ok la, so i put on my baju tido. I was laying on the sofa, watching tv,suddenly Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you....lalala...n again! i was like double Aaaaaaaaaa.......!!!! Mr.boyfie,Iznie,Mahirah and Acap stood in front with  cake n balloons!! *malu* they came all the way to make a surprise for me. Am speechless, touched and really unexpected! 

My fabulous 26 hasn't end yet coz on saturday morning during the weekend, a bunch of lovely school mates treated me a breakfast date @ this awesome place called Levain, Boulangerie & Patisserie, Jalan Imbi, KL. I love the concept and ambiance! the pastries was deliciously great! They gave me Levain Chocolate as a birthday gift. Awww...isn't it lovely? :) We spent almost 3 hours enjoying a long chat,happy moment and blessed. 


Am glad my 12.01.2012 went amazingly fabulous! surrounded by lovely people and happiness...oh! nothing else i could ask for. Thank you Allah. Thank you so much! :) 
Last but not least, thanks to mr.boyfie for every single thing u've done for me. Alhamdulillah, thank you for loving me and thank you for all your crazie,beautiful,strong love towards me. :) 
Thank you for the unexpected birthday gift ever!!!! 
Many many thanks love! 
Am a super happy lady for sure! :))))) 

Hardwork paid off :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Alhamdulillah....syukur sangat2.. akhirnya impian 2011 menjadi kenyataan. :)
BEY 5251 ---> WWE 5251
Even though it is not my dream car as in my previous mentioned, but still, i love it so much! :)
*sengih2 sampai ke telinga 2 3 hari* hehehe

My new baby! :D

Pssttt : My real baby please don't get jealous of him ya ;p


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

petang tadi...
saya,buat kali terakhirnya, membawa mr.bentley pegi car wash tapi malangnye hujan lebat turun. tapi berkeras juga p anta cuci. buat kali terakhir.
kemudian bawak ayah n adik drive p kota kemuning. buat kali terakhir.
melihatnya buat kali terakhir.

penghawa dingin yg sejuk.
radio yg senantiasa menemani saya. walaupun kdg2 kene ketuk2 ckit.
tingkap yg tersekat separuh everytime sampai dekat touch n go or tol. kene tarik guna tgn tuk bg die naik penuh.
kereta yg penuh dgn kasut.
kereta yg kdg2 comot dek tuannya yg pemalas.
kereta yg telah bwk saya sampai ke kedah,perak,melaka,pahang,negeri sembilan.
kereta yg sy bawak dari zaman diploma,ke hulu ke hilir buat assignment,pergi dating,balik kg dan  rumah opah.

pernah pancit di tgh lebuhraya di tgh2 malam dgn mak ayah sahaja masa itu. takut n gementarnyer nauzubillah.
pernah pancit mase baru nak kuar buat assignment.
pernah tb2 bunyi meletup kuat kat bahagian enjin,time tu dgn opah n alang. terkene kat jalan setapak. Tuhan je yg tahu takutnye masa tu. kami buat jalan jam sbb mmg tgh peak hour,org nak p keje. alhamdulillah mase tu dah berkawan ngan mr.bf. he came all d way from subang n tgh kerja just to help me.
pernah cermin depan retak sepenuhnya mase mak ayah balik kg.
pernah enjin depan kete bergegar tahap dewa after terlanggar bumper keras kat klang. luckily ade mr.bf time tue.
pernah bawak kete gegar2 dari kl ke kampung.
pernah kete kene tolak oleh org ramai sbb xleh start.
pernah kete kene tarik dgn MBPJ sbb salah parking. ingatkan kete hilang. panik gilerrr! 
pernah kepanasan tahap maksima sebab air-cond rosak. Tuhan je yg tahu.
pernah tiba2 semut dan sarangnya yg amat amat byk berkerumun di pintu kete. waktu tu dgn amai. sgt panik ok!

shall i tell u more? i guess no need.
siapa yg dah lama berkawan dgn saya, tentu sgt familiar dgn wira kelabu BEY 5251 kan kan kan? :)

after 15 years serving me n family, it is now time to let it go for good.
sentimental value is sooo high! indescribable!
everyone was so sad when it is about to let it go.
n so...
buat kali terakhir memandangnya di sudut jauh,hati terasa sgt sayu. :(
hanya Tuhan yang tahu.

terima kasih atas segalanya mr.bentley.
u'll be missed. always. 
All our ups and downs will remain forever...in my heart.
As a special remark, I've requested 5251 for my new one :)

goodbye baby.

hey baby!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

gonna see you soon!
nervous yet excited!
It is one of my wish list in 2011 and alhamdulillah, almost accomplished.

insyaAllah. :)

Job well done!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Event with Prime Minister DONE.
Event with Deputy Prime Minister DONE.

Met in occasion with other Ministers/VIP DONE. e.g : Youth & Sports Minister, Federal Territory Minister,Menteri Besar N9, Ketua Setiausaha Negara, Speaker Dewan Undangan Negeri,Duta US,Menteri Besar Johor, n etc. (need to add in more VIPs in to the list for sure)

One more thing I would like to experience is to do event with Prime Minister's wife and let us see whether I/we can nail it or daboommm! hahaha

Am in love with my job! :)

Till we meet again Boss! sob sob

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My lovely boss has resigned n no longer Head,Corporate Communications. 

I learned a lot from her since my 1st day of internship here. 
Even though she's kind of meticulous n fussy, yet she's an adorable person with a kind heart.
Nearly 2 years of experience here in the company under her makes me whom i am today.
All of us gonna miss her presence, and things wont be the same anymore.
My mind will races all the memories with her for sure. 
Business has to go on as usual and so we will. without her. 
Had a nice last long chat with her and this is what she said :

"InsyaAllah Ema, you'll have a bright future in your career. Ur brave and willing to work hard!"

I will boss. I will work harder to be like you and be in ur position. InsyaAllah. 

Today maybe hell for me but later heaven awaits. 

Passion+Patient = SUCCESS. 

Harimau Muda Membaham Sang Garuda!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I have so many things to share in this blog but what i really wanna share now is .... 


I believed, each n everyone of Malaysian supported and watched the game yesterday.
It was tremendously GREAT! 
Good game,good fight and good fighting spirit.
CONGRATS to Harimau Muda for winning the gold medal (SEAGames 2011).
We won by 5-4 penalty kick and it is just our lucky luck!
Hopefully we will be in the top 100 football world ranking in near future. 
Spirit alive.....! :)