hello sunshine!

eyes starts to droll down d bits & pieces of my life...

PR MODE...d triumph begin.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

alhamdulillah...syukur sgt.

Omg! omg! omg!
it was a success!
CONGRATS to all PR Mode members!

we just had a proposal presentation with our potential client which is AFS Malaysia at Jeumpo d'ramo, bangsar dis morning. It is about the 22nd AFS World Congress 2009 that will be held on 20th-25th of October 2009 so we as the PR agency proposed them the communication proposal inclusive of media relations, gala dinner ticket sales campaign, commemorative book & sponsorship n publication & video production.

alhamdulillah, the presentation went well n run smoothly. everyone gave a full cooperation n i really like my team eventho there is lil ups n down but we managed it professionally. credits to u guys! im released about dis cause we work round d clock this week to fulfill our adviser requirement. class on weekends, long hours class, staying up at the faculty till 4am in d morning, meeting d deadline, changes by changes of d slides, searching for printing shop at 2am, & etc. everything is so hectic n it test my perseverance, credibility and proficiency. luckily i have my beloved secretary and team mates besides me n they give d best of commitment to make it a success n we did it! d outcome is greattt!

i hope d spirit of PR Mode is well maintain and me, as the CEO will try to lead the team as best as i could. PR Mode momentum will always at its highest level! this is just d beginning towards victory---> A+ result. so :

"we can do, we will do"

now im gonna have a longgg sleep to rejuvenate n refresh myself after a week of bitterness n dishevellment.miss my bed sooo much! even my room has turn into a disaster like hurricane has swoshhh in hardly.

pampering myself.

peace. =)