hello sunshine!

eyes starts to droll down d bits & pieces of my life...

clumsy me!

Friday, February 18, 2011

 aduhai...pagi jumaat yg xberape nak cemerlang.
tadi ade meeting kat head office, jalan raja laut (tgh2 kl) ..dugaannya...nauzubillah!
kuar rumah awal,konon nk smpi on time.
pilih jalan NPE instead of NKVE (coz slalu tgk nkve jam pagi2).
so ok lahh...
tup2 kuar je simpang nk masuk NPE,jam yg amat! mau dekat sejam klu ikut jalan tue..quickly i've decided to divert to use another way instead.
masuk lah federal coz nk lalu NKVE. federal jam ckit la but still can go.
masuk NKVE...wowww! surprisingly xjam langsung! haihh...siot je instinct suh ikut NPE tadi..
so den exit damansara..OMG,mengesot yerrr...dlm kete rase nk meletops!
area damansara jam.
area jln kuching jam.
area nk msk jln raja laut pun jam.
haihhhh...... *sigh*
sabau aje la...

den meeting...yadaa..yaddaa...yaddaa...done!

nak balik tu, dh bayar tiket parking boleh pulak SANGATTT LALAI amik balance terus chiow! xamik tiket!
ohhh soooo *(&%*^#@$!!!
mengelabah giler mencari sana sini.
sesaat sebelum nk byr denda hilang tiket (RM30) got dis one Chinese man who is so tall has helped me. He reach out his hand on top of d machine n taddaaa! a ticket was found!
dgn sangattt relieved nyerrr saye melompat kegembiraan n thanked him like soo many times!
fuhhh...selamat RM30.

Haihhhh....permulaan hari yang penuh dugaan...

"Ya Allah, selamatkan lah dan lindungi lah aku dari sebarang musibah dan malapetaka..jauhi aku dari segala jenis keburukan Ya Allah...amenn..."

Psst : Since i couldn't reach d top of d machine, what comes in mind to rescue me is always u. 

she cried.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

she turned 24 yesterday.
we had planned a surprise party for her and she'd really like it till it burst into tears. awww....
we sang,
we hugs,
we kisss,
we get crazy,
we ...hell yeah! enjoying d birthday celebration all night long.

i just lurve d moment wif the gurls!
plus mr.boyfie joined me n my gurls world.cute!

u guys r my world.my rainbow. :)

*cant wait for our vacation trip to terengganu! date has been locked! yesszzaaa...

Psst : love my david cook! ;)

Love to Juliana Ramos

Monday, February 7, 2011

"I was about to make vows just two months from the accident – through thick and thin, 'til death do us part, for better or worse," he said. "What kind of guy would I be if I walked out when she needed me the most?" - Chris Medina.

Yes, it is an emotional moment as i nearly shed d tears when i watched everything about him n his beloved fiancee.   No one wants their dream to end up like this. but everything...Allah has a better plan for us.
Only a strong person can handle this. I believe, every clouds has a silver lining.
Watching their happy moment wen Chris surprised her at Starbucks during her working hour to proposed her,gave her the ring and everything...that is so sweet.seriously.
Suddenly, everything changed wen Juliana Ramos who is confined to a wheelchair after she was in an accident that cause her a traumatic brain injury. Seeing her paralyzed after they shown the happy moment video makes me feel so sad.  :'(
i am amazed by chris. he is such a great guy.he even wears his ring around his neck.In this world, not many man r like that. this is what i called true love. no matter how bad or how damn bad ur partner is, accept him/her for whom they are. Yes! people around may judge differently but only we know coz no body really knows accept we ourself. 
Deep down in my lil heart, i pray for a man dat can take good care of me wen i am no more pretty, no more in shape, no more healthy or no more can handle myself. who knows. anything can happen in a split second. i'm scared but as i said Allah will always has a good plan for us. therefore...i just need my true love. love me as i am. 
One more thing, i do hope chris wont change if he gets to be famous after this. oh yes! being famous is everyone's dream. so i really hope chris will stay d same. same ordinary person that love juliana so much. finger crossed.