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eyes starts to droll down d bits & pieces of my life...

Calling all Ladies!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Shopping frenzy is BACK! owhh..soo gonna fainted looking at all those big banners with all sort of colors and eye catching 4 letter word. makes my jaws dropping low,really low n eye wide open! fuhh...
heart jumping n dancing recklessly to flock d shopping mall and start to be 'kiasu' by picking up lotsa item to purchase. any item as long as it on sale plus lovely! wallahhh!
its crazieee babe!

55 days to go for these shopping galore.
For me? its pulling me out soo badly to spend my money n shop! yea..yea...i know,must jimat,jangan boros,simpan duit yaddaa yaddaaa...but still? its heaven to buy those colorful abstract gorgeous clothes,sexy cute shoes, flare dresses and super stylish pants! woohooo!

u noe, i always have this imagination of a lovely,chicky,feminine style that i adore so much wen looking through the windows of d vibrant stores, beautiful maniqueen, fashion magazines, online fashion style and the walking models all around me that i wish i cud put it on me den dancing in front of the mirror n singing happily! d jumpsuit, hype flare dresses,super short skirt, hotpants or any outrageous perfect 10 attire. do i look good or better in that dress? fabulous? pretty bad or pretty ok? whatever.. i just want to turn my imagination to reality but i couldnt because i dont have that much penny to purchase what i've imagine plus my culture/religion doesnt allow me to wear those xcukup kain.hahaha. so fantasy will always be fantasy. haihhh...sooo deadly wanna be like how Ivanka dress up to work, or maybe like queen Rania (ohh so gorgeous lady!) or maybe like daphne iking,or maybe like sazzy falak (ohh so good taste in fashion!) or maybe Zoey Deschanel (in 500 days of summer!) or maybe like Tia Hakim (she is so pretty from head to toe even she's married!). okkk...forget it! let see my top 3 list of shopping paradise.. teehee :)

TOP 3 Shopping Malls

1) One Utama (i called it 1U)
Parking : superb!
Stores : various of choices
Food : not much of my taste
Experience : I dont really like the flow of the stores arrangement.its kinda complicated coz the store are everywhere.

2) The Pavilion (i called it Pavi)
Parking : not really coz it is costly
Stores : great! various of choices
Food : i love d food court! marvellous!
Experience : arrangement of the stores r OK, ease shopping n all my fav stores r large and superb!

3) Sunway Pyramid
Parking : lovely on the weekdays, bad on the weekends
Stores : just nice for my shopping galore
Food : just OK.
Experience : i am soo in love with it after they renovate n upgrade d mall especially the washroom! clean n neat.

* out of my list : Mid Valley! last time it was my bestest place to shop! now no more after it had sibling which is The Garden. traffic jam,traffic parking,traffic people, the toilet r smelly(dilapidated washroom they had! haha..especially d ground floor toilet near teppanyaki.Yucks!), nothing new@upgrade (very bad marketing strategy! they just know how to paint the mall walls-thats d only major changes i've notice). my day can be turn down becoz of all d traffics. Mid Valley is sooo bored. really. BUT. because of MNG,i dont mind squeezing myself in the sea of people and jam pack cars & parking. teeheee

Ohh...all d 3 malls shared one similarity which is, all of it got MNG store! love it! love it! love it! :)

My Top 10 List of Brands

1) MNG


3) Forever 21

4) Nichi

5) Charles & Keith

6) Nose & Vincci & MOD


8) Topshop

9) Miss Selfridge

10) WH

* all d shopping blogs (its my blog mall!) listed on ur left side! ALL! :)
I'm a craziee blogshop shopper! Dang! ;)

Psst : darling! lets jom shopping! hahaha 

dear true friends...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

 "A true friend stabs you in the front"
by Oscar Wilde

Had thought of this quite frequent. i hardly have real true friends except my sayangs and my assuntarian peers. i just love them and i just love for whom they are. they dont have to be party animal, little rascal, social butterfly, intellectualist, sweet sweet honeybee or drama queen. it is just THEM.
i'm glad i've discovered them long time ago and slowly we become mutual.
Surely did, bad things happened, hatred feelings, cat fight or childness attitude among us but still the bond is there. 
farewell to those feary moments, sadness, hanky panky and sinister feelings. 
i love our friendship. becoz of little fight, 5 years of friendship being dump in a trice.
this is soo saddening. frustrating. worrying.
i know, LOTS of things happen around/between us/among u guys but please reminisce back all the memories and please walk away yourself from this destroying unwanted ship.
i wish i could have this magic fairystick to do the *ting! tadda...everything back to normal and we r together forever without all those scary past moment shared.
life will be endlessly struggle with full of frustrations and challenges. so please dont get yourself stranded.
the choice is yours.

1st time :  kesatria recruits that we hated so much! remember all d memories?

love u.all.alot.

Psst : love.u.only.alot. :)


Monday, July 19, 2010

coughing like crazy.
sakit tekak n sesak dada.asyik batuk je..
dah seminggu lebih.
Ya Allah, cepat2 la baik.nak pose.


Psst : jeles tgk awak cepat noo baek dari demam n batuk. uhh..

Zanna & Yan ... happily ever after...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Alhamdulillah...semuanya telah berjalan dengan sempurna seperti yang dirancang...
Mak su@wancu saye sudah selamat diijabkabulkan dengan pasangan hatinya, abg yan, skang kene panggil Pak chu yan (seriously xbiase) tapi akan cube.. teehee
hati saye sangat tersentuh dan kami menitiskan airmata saat wancu sah menjadi isteri. sangat touching. :(

Semoga selamat menjalani alam rumah tangga, dapat cahaya mata yang sehat dan sempurna serta berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat...amennn...
kamar pengantin yg simple tapi cantek

hantaran untuk pihak lelaki

wancu sedang di solek oleh kak su (make up kak su sangat cantek & natural!)

pelamin yang sangat indah...ramai puji.. :)

sempat lagi tuuu..heee
saat-saat melafazkan ijabkabul..moment to be remember...
memakaikan gelang untuk si isteri...
kucupan pertama buat isteri tercinta..sweet~
bakal abang ipar.. cewahhh...

pasangan ni? amik berkat ;)

sempat posing. hehehe

ezuan & adik yg sangat rajin. ye ke? hee

penuh tekun die...thanks yang!

sangat cantek kan? :)

dua wanita yang amat amat saye sayanggg! opah & mak...

momen ni sangat indah..dengan flower girl,red carpet... :)

pengapit (pempuan) yg xbertauliah...hahaha

people said we r twins. do we look a like?

family sebelah mak. ni aje. small family but happy,lovely & fun to be with! love them all!

kawan2 yg sudi hadir... thanks alot korang! mmmuahhhh!

makin kamceng nampak?? hurmmmm... ;)

kek yg cumel! dress yg sangat cantek!

raja sehari turun takhta. teehee

ape yg penting?! KERJASAMA! :)

acara buka hadiah. sangat banyak hadiah ye..best3! t kawen nak hadiah banyak2 jugak!


bersatu jua kalian... love!

momen2 indah wancu & pak chu yan telah selesai dengan sempurna.
semoga Allah merahmati kalian.
bahagia selalu...

Psst : my dear, thanks for helping us with wancu's wedding. all ur effort r much appreciated...its like a bridge for u to get to know more about my family. hope it makes u feel like another part of us. thanks a zillion for everything. surely u r tired of all d workloads but i hope u enjoyed it!
about the 'sooo not great moment', im sorry...that time i was soo tired (u as well) so i(we) easily get moody thus that thing happened. now must figure out how to fix my kain...huhuuu...

The Art of Seeing by emmagrapher ;)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

From nearly 400 shoots, only 4% of it i can say was OK. The rest, naahh..
i should give a pat on my back for trying & learning. hee
u need ur heart&mind into it so that naturally d shoot would be WELL DONE!
ema perlukan kelas peralihan untuk mata pelajaran Photography. tettt! haha

Thanks encek zahari zakaria, awak buat saye menjadi buruan puluhan lensa camera seketika. uhhh..

Model yg xserupa model.hahaha
few pics stolen from few amateur photographers without any editing ya. *clap* to them!


Psst : sorry for being too clumsy yesterday nite. btw LBS sangat best! thanksssss! =)