hello sunshine!

eyes starts to droll down d bits & pieces of my life...


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Terima Kasih Allah...

Alhamdulillah, I GOT D JOB! :))))))
(feel like climbing the highest mountain n scream my lungs out! coz im flattered & heart-warming!)

WELCOME to the real world of working life.really one.
WELCOME to Corporate Communications, Sime Darby Property.
WELCOME busy-est,hectic,commitment yaddaa..yaddaa...

Have to work hard to earn a good living n better future. Even tho i'm attach under contract basis,i will work enthusiastically to upgrade the position. its d matter of TIME. InsyaAllah rezeki ade dimana2 jika kita berusaha dan niat kita ikhlas.(i believe this!)

A very tiring day today but HEART JUMPING HAPPILY... :)

p/s : Mr. busy, thanks coz sudi dtg teman lunch even tho u're on d road of Hectic Highway. hehe...

movie date pleaseee...

Friday, March 12, 2010

For this month, i am so determine to watch these 3 movies! because of too many events hanging around (some done some ongoing some coming soon) so it has been pending for quite some times (esp My Name is Khan). owhh..even my man is having a hectic day tangled with his projects. dang!

yeayyy! has watched it during d weekend! the movie is GREAT! khan & mandira love is soo mesmerised. can i have Khan's spirit in me n my man? their acting was superb and it is not just about love story, it is more than that ; religious,family,people's attitude towards Aspeger Sindrome (just known tis!) and politics and more... i give 5 stars! :) thanks darl! :)

ohhh man... this movie is sooo lovely,lotsa lovable actions yet tragic moment. robert pattison is so hawt! It's a mix of teen romance and family-bond love movie whereby i think it is good to go.  
After getting into a street fight, Tyler's arrested by a policeman who is just so happen has a daughter name Ally and coincidently Ally & Tyler studied in the same school. At first, Tyler's roommate (cant remember d name) bet him to make a retributive date to rebel what did Ally's dad did to them…but then Tyler-Ally love begins to bloom n its hawt! American tragedy Sept 11 was injected into this movie towards d ending.owhh..the penapis filem potong few hot, romantic scene between Tyler & Ally which we go alaaa...ahhh...huhhh....iskkk...anyhow, me n my man was riveted by the movie n its amazing! :) 4 stars!

this is cute!

I saw this movie with my man & my sista starring George Clooney as Ryan Bingham, a slick professional guy that is wifeless and childless. He work as a professional consultant who lays people off across the world (how on earth do this kinda job exist?! just known bout this...cruel job i can say..haha)  when Natalie comes on the scene with some advance ideas of laying peoples' off, Ryan cant really accept it. Until they create a bond when both of them travel across the world to terminate peoples' from their job and so they work well together. den comes Alex, masculine kinda businesswomen that also travel like Ryan. Everything seems to be different after Alex came into Ryan's life n Ryan started to fall in love and he realized how empty his life actually. Sadly, when he wanted to express his love affection, Alex is actually a wifey of a man and a mother of few kids ( during this scene, it is soo heart-crashing moment! kesian kat Ryan! :( haiyyaa...) Yet it was fun, entertaining n smart movie to be watch. At the end of the story, i can said that love is all we need... am i right? :)

guess wat? approximately 10 minutes before the movie end, BLACKOUT! d whole Pavilion okkk. hurghhh..so frustrated but with pile of patient in US, we've waited for the electricity to be fix so that our eagerness to know what was d ending is being fulfill.taddaaa...d patient pays off! thank you darl! :)

I am so in need of watching all dis movies peacefully. thank you.

Watched all including : GREEN ZONE & EDGE OF DARKNESS 

p/s: Thanks alot forSri Ayutthaya @ Damansara Heights! :))) nak g lagi?!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I'll be deadly bored since my facebook & yahoomail r being blocked at the office here.
so klu xde keje i can only go 'round the world' without facebooking.
ooohhhh fishhh! so sad...

any friends hupdating their daily life or watsoever dah xleh nak catch up dah... even nak hupdate mine kene tunggu balik umah baru leh hupdate on laptop kakak.
nak bergossip pun xleh dah la kan...sume pun xleh...


p/s : mr. busy is always busy... xpe, i faham... :)

me. love.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Love 1
However far away,
I will always love you,
However long i stay,
I will always love you,
Whatever words I've said,
I will always love you,
I will always love you...

Love 2
I never wanted to have anything in my life that I couldnt stand losing,
It is not because u're beautiful and smart and perfect,
It is because I dont feel alone anymore,
and both of us makes things perfect,
for both of us...

Love 3
U came into my life,
Making my empty life perfect,
U shine like the rising sun in the morning,
It makes me love you forever,
Whenever you smile and whenever you laugh...

I've never met a girl like you,
The one I'm looking for all this while...

U came when Im in need of you,
The girl I missed the most...

Thank you sayang...
Thank you...

My everyday when I met you,
Happy and meaningful,
You're the cure for my wounded soul,
Like an angel from heaven...

Love 4
You make me smile like a sun,
Fall out of bed,
Singing like a bird,
dizzy in my head,
spins like a record,
crazy on the sunday night,
Owhh u make me smile...

Love 5
A hundred fays have made older since the last time I saw ur pretty face,
All the miles that separate,
dissapear when Im dreaming of ur face...

Love 6
Dear God,
If one day You give me a chance,
Dont take it away in a glance,
Give me some time to fight,
I promise I'll treat her right,
I'll hold her with respect,
keep her in contact,
wrap her around my warm love blanket,
So all her hurtful pasts she can forget,
I'll do her right I will not pass,
Hoping that I'll be the last...to steal her heart away,
To u The Almighty I'll pray,
Don't you let us be apart,
Till the beginning and of course from the start,
So both of us wont be alone,
In this universe u'll always own...

Love 7
Moon so bright,
U're so fine,
Keep ur heart,
Here with mine,
Life's a dream,
We are dreaming...

Love 8
Have u ever loved somebody so much,
It makes u cry,
Have you ever needed something so bad,
U can't sleep at nite,
Have u ever tried to find the words, but they dont come out right...

Love 9
Aint happy when Im mad,
Aint happy when Im sad,
Dont feel right when Im lonely,
Should I excite when ure not with me,
Wondering if ure doing ok,
Eager to wait for the message,
Feeling blue everything's not right,
Hiding myself by the city light,
Keep myself busy with all the routine,
So I wont think of the beauty queen,
Trying to keep ourselves apart..
Didnt know its gonna be so hard,
Till I meet u in any way,
My heart still gonna stay,
For the girl who always make my day...

*all these r dedicated to me by a man that is lovely.

p/s : no matter what happened u must always stay F.O.C.U.S.

Oh my Anuar Zain...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010



tadi odw g office tetibe menjerit xtentu pasal bile Fara announce Anuar Zain in d house!!!!
oh my...heart drop! hahaha...
coincidentally there's this one taxi car driver next to me and he looked at me one kind as if im an alien to him..nahhh i dont care, i even smile at him back and angkat tangan den go. :)


die wat pagi i bersinar-sinar n hati girang gumbira. paling dahsyat is that i sanggup masuk office lambat and stay in the car just to listen to him! and this is serious! luckily my bos g meeting ngan JAIS so dengan selambenye masuk lambat.

Owhh! he will launch his new album dis September and i cant wait for that! Grrrrr...

People around me always said these to me :
- he's a gay
- he's rude
- he's arrogant
- he's fake
- etc.
guess wat? I xkisah pun! bluekkkk! as long as he produces a good songs for me, his fan. thank you.

* Still remember how disappointed i am bile tiket anuar zain sold out mase konsert die kat IB. that time ngan mahirah ( how i miss u alot darling! ) yang ade pun RM 300++ so memang xmampu la kami kan...

* Still remember the excitement me & ninie felt when die nak wat concert and we are craving to watch him live but we're unlucky.

p/s : lelaki itu... tetap di hati! xoxo