hello sunshine!

eyes starts to droll down d bits & pieces of my life...

long time no see

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

lame dah xberblog..
lotsa things happened after d incident...now its only miracle & happy things! ( i will only allowed those happy things happen in my life now...)

- school started n assignment is piling up slowly but im ready for it.
- recently im always out to search for some fun n happiness
- met lotsa new friends especially my new subang's friends ( they r really3 nicey one! )
- in d process of searching d best place for practical...in my mind now companies such as Sime Darby,Esso, UEM, AMP Network, PR Agencies, Shell, MAS,MAB & Petronas...
- dis coming weekend will be my last day working at ALDO,Pyramid
- i have my own "LIST THINGS TO DO" n d list is a long list one...hehe ( can ask Amai,Bb,Syahmi,Mimi, Jay, Ikram... coz they noe some of my plans ) cant wait!
- waiting for PT,but thank God i still can survive without it ;)
- i have a new bestbuddy!
- CEO of PR Mode =) : working on 22nd AFS World Congres that will be held in Malaysia on 20th-25th oct 2009
- fall in love with HEADBAND alot! so nak beli all d colors of headband byk2
- mau shopping ngan ninie,amai,alin,bb n kwn2
- craving for 2 books now : The Rules of Love by Richard Templer ( which is expensive ) & Chicken Soup- love & relationship if im not mistaken
- being soooo positive in leading my life!

- .....too many things to do to tell n to explore now!
last but not least...im glad to be who i am n looking forward for the best thing in my life!

Bersyukur sgt dengan Allah kerna diberikan hati yg kuat n THANKS alot to my family, all my friends n anonymous for the concerned+support n im happy to be part of it! =)

Heart happy!