hello sunshine!

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being 25!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

hello ema fadilah ahmad!

welcome to the world of a real women!

Turned twenty-five today.
Alhamdulillah, Allah masih panjangkan usia saya untuk menikmati hidup yang serba indah ini.
Thanks to every single person who had gave me the life as it is. Ur role makes me whom i am today. thanks a million!

my wish of being 25?
it may sound klise but what i want is to be much much more better person than before either as a daughter,sister,lover,worker and everything i could fit in the bills.

Birthday surprise?
terkejut bile bangun tido dikejutkan dengan figura yang amat saya kenal. my mr.luvly! he came to my house (komplot dgn alang) and sang me birthday song with secret recipe brownies cake (may fav!) on his hands. OMG! very touched!
then he make for me my morning coffee! very sweet.nice! thanks alot dear... nothing else i want from u as long as our relationship blooms n cherish from time to time. :)

love everyone.love being 25.love myself.muackkks!

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mahirah said...

happy besday Ema! Im so grateful to have u in part of my life. U've been one of the greatest sister, friend, gossip-mate, rival and everything. Funny how u can be such an inspire at the same time someone that i'm so envy at. But nevertheless, i love u!!!!!!