hello sunshine!

eyes starts to droll down d bits & pieces of my life...

what will me-list say darling...2010.

Monday, December 28, 2009

whoaa... 2009 gonna end soon babe!

i've been thinking about me-list of 2010, what i want, what do i wanna achieve, what will be my future, will my dream become reality? yaddaa yaddaa...like ALOT in my head now ok.
considering 2009, this are what i can lump out :

basically 2009 is not a good year for me, cause too many things happened. here are 20 things happened in my 2009 life :
1) 'heartbroken' incident
2) life with Ida Altahari
3) saw real accident
4) knowing new circle of friends
5) working @ ALDO
6) putri gone
7) internship @ Sime Darby Property
9) mak su engagement
10) cousin's wedding
11) lil Hafiz born
12) car broke down
13) friends flying abroad for internship
14) fatin's engagement
15) elin's engagement
16) 'unexpected' incident
17) the worst ever presentation
18) the worst ever exam's answers
19) Ceo of PR Mode Agency & project director for AFS World Congress 2009
20) 'S' chapter

everyone need a little sunshine to wrap up this year including me so i wanna end 2009 as quick as possible cause i wanna indulge myself with new spirit, new life and new me in 2010. whatever happened i accept it and to reminisce it well i guess maybe.

moving forward...

here it come, 2010!
deep inside my heart im praying hard that 2010 will be a better year for me and having blast all throughout the year. finger crossed! :)
so here will be What me-list say :

1) ka-ching! $$$$$,$$
- mean that i need to get a good job after graduate
- no more asking my parents for pocket money! wheee!
- go craziee shopping n dress like i want it so badly before.
- vacation! (hoping for Sipadan Island) or Bali!
- saving (i dont think so i can! duhh..)
- search for d best coffee & scrumptious food everywhere on earth.

2) Love perhaps!
- want to be love by someone who love me sooooo much! enough said. :)

3) Bestow good health to me & family
- need to exercise alot
- need to eat healthy food n less sugar
- less drink cause i tend to drink extra alot

4) Miscellaneous
- take up dancing class
- help to renovate house
- bridesmaid for mak su's wedding
- self-enrichment
- read alot of inspirational books & novel
- learn to cook better & more
- volunteer works
- get new hairstyle
- wardrobe clearance
- learn to play guitar

owhh, here is my Capricorn horoscope for 2010.

Career, Incomes and Gains
There would be some heavy or useless expenditure during the beginning of the year. But, later things would be under control. Overall, this year is going to be an encouraging year. Due to influence of transiting planets, you would be obtaining success in all major or important projects. If you are in business and running your independent firm, you might feel yourself as a highly fortunate person.

Thus, there are finest chances of entering into new and profitable deals. You might get new clients which will enhance your good luck or prosperity. At the same time, you will fully capable to provide best services for your old clients. Thus, you might maintain both clients properly. Additionally, if your business is related to import export, counseling, textile, toys, information technology and finance, you might earn much money than others.

Those are in service will also enjoy fruits of their hard work. Possibilities of being promoted would be high. You may get foreign assignments. Simultaneously, if you experienced in speculation, this is a golden year to make best use of your experience. Gains through speculation are clearly indicated by planets.

Love, Family and Social Life
Possibly you may get expected cooperation and support towards your lover. Both of you feel a deep attraction and like to spare lot of precious moments together.
Your inclination will increase towards opposite sex and you would like to spare every possible moment with your lover or spouse.

If, you're single and looking for someone, your search may be ended, you may find a suitable person for yourself. Overall, this is an excellent year where personal life is concerned. You’re going to enjoy your love life.

Those are married, will also enjoy their married life. However, they have minor disputes or misunderstandings with their life partners. Both of you should try to control your aggressiveness. Due to it, you may have very harmonious relationship with your spouse.

Education and Traveling
It might prove a good year in terms education or study related matters. You may get success in your ventures. Especially, if you are pursuing higher education, things would be working in your favor. Your sincere efforts will provide surprising success. It is fact results would be beyond than expectations.

Those are interested in long distance traveling; this is a golden year for those.

Health wise it is not a good year. You might suffer due to chronic as well as fever or other such kinds of diseases. You should take diet properly and do not avoid any minor health problems. You should visit to doctors other wise it may affect to your professional life too. (opsss...)

In accordance to that, im working my way up to the ladder of life and hopefully most of me-list will be accomplish tremendously along the year! InsyaAllah...

soaring high my dear! :)

Goodbye Melbourne.

Monday, December 7, 2009


it is one of the toughest decision i have to made.
it is my dream since my secondary school to go abroad.
it is one of the thing i wish to come true in my life.
it is useless to wait for something that is indistinct...

so now, im letting it go...
thinking hardly enough about this and i've decided to let it go... :'(

there's a lot of pros and cons about this.
i hope i've made d right choice for my future,my career n my life path.
everything are considered while making these decision.

Sime Darby Property.

this is my soon to be place for internship.
i will be attach under Corporate Communication Department.
maybe it gonna give some light for my future career.
i hope i can make it to d upmost level and achieve all my dreams!

Rezeki ada di mana2, apa yang penting diri sendiri,usaha dan tawakal.



Monday, November 9, 2009

lega...lega...lega...sangat lega...sangat sangat lega.....

wat else can i said? everything is done (not officially larr ) feel at ease now... wheeeee!

d last exam just ended. alhamdulillah dapat jawab dengan sebaik mungkin...
student life dah xde dah pasni...d moment i've been waiting for after nearly 4 years plus of struggling with assignments, exams, presentations yadda yaddaaa....mcm xcaye but i have too! *wink*

i noe im gonna miss d moment of student life, faculty environment, lepaking and gossiping, ups & downs, emotional breakdown & etc! papepun life must go on and im actually starting a new chapter of my life... climbing up another stage in life i guess which wud be more tough, challenging and full of surprises! i bet! life is unpredictable.

so i got less den a month before i start my practical training soon @ sime darby property @ Bukit jelutong. hope its a place for me to shine and achieve my dreams! InsyaAllah...
at dis moment, nak rehat puas2, g jenjalan, tgk movie bebyk, tido puas2, makan bebyk, lepak ngan kengkawan always n do things dat i want to do...

semoga impian menjadi kenyataan! :)

owhh btw, i would like to dedicate dis song to all my lovely lovely friends...we will be out there in d industry so step forward, never look back, go for it & there's no boundries...it is just us! :)

"no boundries by adam lambert"


"Beautiful & Smart" Ivanka Trump!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ohhh sooo adorable lady here, the daughter of Donald and Ivana Trump married to Jared Kushner at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, last Sunday (25th October 2009) Ivanka celebrated her nuptials with a lavish reception ok. how i wish... =)

With her wonderful body and great carriage, she wore a Vera Wang gown inspired by Grace Kelly which is sooo PERFECTO! i really like her wedding dress! simple, nice yet elegant and classy! She looks stunning, amazing, pretty women...

Carolina Herrera is dressing her bridesmaids in individual designs.
Preston Bailey is the master of Ivanka wedding ceremony.
Sylvia Weinstock gave a beautiful touch for her wedding cake.
Can i have them all for my wedding ceremony? dreaming emma! ;p

Ivanka also wore a $45,000 hair clip, $130,000 diamond drop earrings and a $90,000 Art Deco-inspired bracelet from her own jewelry line --> www.ivankatrumpcollection.com

Owhh ya..
Im so deadly in need to buy her book "The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life."! i wish...

She's the executive vice-president of development and acquisitions at the Trump Organization, has had a successful run as a model, has designed and sold her own line of jewellery and has just published her first book, The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life plus now, she's a married women. She got everything!

I'll emulate her for what she is and she'll be my inspiration to be successful in life. Me into the world of real estate like her? hmmm...Sime Darby Property...hmmm.... maybe... ;)

i adore her. i like her. i respect her.

xoxo Ivanka!

Silly Billy Willy Milly ME!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


i make a SILLY mistake today!

very discontented!!!


2 weeks of battlefield ---> ready or not?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's sunday morning and im facing mr. arab now, hugging & kissing them tightly. looking at the planner for dis upcoming 2 weeks of school, im afraid, fear, anxious yet excited!
why? why? why?

these 2 weeks will be the last weeks of my final semester. last moment in the faculty to be capture, gonna miss a whole lots of student life. everything. so i think everyone should embrace every single moment that u left. time is running out guys!

but in these 2 weeks time also, i consider it as d climax of everything! deadline of assignments is waiting, AFS event, final test, arab shooting, PR event, MPG, and lotsa other things i need to think about. i can said that this semester is much much more tougher (zillions of tougher) den the 3rd semester whereby we had to sit for 9 final exams. whoaaa! it's real man... my final semester is really cracking my head,unbalance emotions and turn me up side down. some is good, some is moderate, some is really bad.

to be honest, so far i can handle it well enough tho, it just that there's a few flaws here n there. but i guess that's normal. always tell my self that i have to change myself so that i can change the world and i do keep dis in my heart --> always.

my parents & my grandma is my biggest inspiration. they are the pillars behind all my success. i will never give up to achieve my dreams coz i believe everyone can get what they want in life under the bless of their parents n Allah.
do things with sincerity and honesty n things will get back to you sincerely.insyaAllah.

to all my friends, life is getting tougher n tougher day by day. face it or u fail without fighting it. don't ever2 give up. i want all my mates to grad together with me. this is not the time to step back. it is the time to move forward bravely. we faced harder then this before. so never give up!

time to rebel darling!!! :)

i hope i can do the best in this last semester and i really wanna grad with flying colors & fulfill my dreams. insyaAllah.

i just need to be more stronger,zealous and vigilant in everything i do. determination is at the highest level!

so am i ready? i guess YES! come on babe! fight me! :)



Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ada apa dengan 090909?
yang pasti, saya sangat teruja ngan tarikh ni...sgt cantek! sgt2 cantek! saye suke! =) some said it is just another date in the year 2009 but dats ur opinion...enggak kisah..
ape yg jadi pada tarikh cumel ni?
pada yang declare, tunang, kawen, dapat anak, rezeki pada hari ni CONGRATS! tapi pada yg kecewa, berpisah, tragedi berlaku, kesusahan melanda awak hari ni, jangan sedih, jangan putus asa k! ada hikmahnya....trust me.

for me? d lucky 090909! today's everything goes well! im smiling all d time... happiness is all around me! enggak bisa berpisah dari kehidupan sekarang! bersyukur dengan apa yang saya miliki. diri sendiri.
thanks to all my lovely lovely lovely friends around me...

Im optimist for every second that i had! things get better n im going stronger!


PR MODE...d triumph begin.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

alhamdulillah...syukur sgt.

Omg! omg! omg!
it was a success!
CONGRATS to all PR Mode members!

we just had a proposal presentation with our potential client which is AFS Malaysia at Jeumpo d'ramo, bangsar dis morning. It is about the 22nd AFS World Congress 2009 that will be held on 20th-25th of October 2009 so we as the PR agency proposed them the communication proposal inclusive of media relations, gala dinner ticket sales campaign, commemorative book & sponsorship n publication & video production.

alhamdulillah, the presentation went well n run smoothly. everyone gave a full cooperation n i really like my team eventho there is lil ups n down but we managed it professionally. credits to u guys! im released about dis cause we work round d clock this week to fulfill our adviser requirement. class on weekends, long hours class, staying up at the faculty till 4am in d morning, meeting d deadline, changes by changes of d slides, searching for printing shop at 2am, & etc. everything is so hectic n it test my perseverance, credibility and proficiency. luckily i have my beloved secretary and team mates besides me n they give d best of commitment to make it a success n we did it! d outcome is greattt!

i hope d spirit of PR Mode is well maintain and me, as the CEO will try to lead the team as best as i could. PR Mode momentum will always at its highest level! this is just d beginning towards victory---> A+ result. so :

"we can do, we will do"

now im gonna have a longgg sleep to rejuvenate n refresh myself after a week of bitterness n dishevellment.miss my bed sooo much! even my room has turn into a disaster like hurricane has swoshhh in hardly.

pampering myself.

peace. =)

long time no see

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

lame dah xberblog..
lotsa things happened after d incident...now its only miracle & happy things! ( i will only allowed those happy things happen in my life now...)

- school started n assignment is piling up slowly but im ready for it.
- recently im always out to search for some fun n happiness
- met lotsa new friends especially my new subang's friends ( they r really3 nicey one! )
- in d process of searching d best place for practical...in my mind now companies such as Sime Darby,Esso, UEM, AMP Network, PR Agencies, Shell, MAS,MAB & Petronas...
- dis coming weekend will be my last day working at ALDO,Pyramid
- i have my own "LIST THINGS TO DO" n d list is a long list one...hehe ( can ask Amai,Bb,Syahmi,Mimi, Jay, Ikram... coz they noe some of my plans ) cant wait!
- waiting for PT,but thank God i still can survive without it ;)
- i have a new bestbuddy!
- CEO of PR Mode =) : working on 22nd AFS World Congres that will be held in Malaysia on 20th-25th oct 2009
- fall in love with HEADBAND alot! so nak beli all d colors of headband byk2
- mau shopping ngan ninie,amai,alin,bb n kwn2
- craving for 2 books now : The Rules of Love by Richard Templer ( which is expensive ) & Chicken Soup- love & relationship if im not mistaken
- being soooo positive in leading my life!

- .....too many things to do to tell n to explore now!
last but not least...im glad to be who i am n looking forward for the best thing in my life!

Bersyukur sgt dengan Allah kerna diberikan hati yg kuat n THANKS alot to my family, all my friends n anonymous for the concerned+support n im happy to be part of it! =)

Heart happy!

scaryyy babe!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

it happened wen im on my way to my car parked nearby d housing area at sunway pyramid... odw to my car, i passed by a nigger men n i smile at them..just an anonymous smile...den i just walk to my car...suddenly i felt something behind me...not far from me the nigger walked rushingly seems like catching me up..i ignore him n continue walking..

arrived at my car, he suddenly stood right close behind me...im so scared mann...sooo scared...
he bug me n said that he wants to noe me..he said im beautiful yaddaa yaddaa...(man's tactic to pikat gals..huh!) i dont noe wat to do so i keep on smiling den masuk kete cepat2...lock d door n start d engine asap!

guess wat??? he waited me outside d car n knocking my window giving signal to open d door...seriously scary but i tried to stay calm...
den i open my window ckit to talk to him...

d gal :wats d matter wif u?
crazyman :i want to noe u gal...
d gal :oh no...thanks!
crazyman :no..no..i really want to noe u..ur beautiful wen i saw u just now. (bluekkk...)
d gal :thanks, but sorry i dont noe u..
crazyman :gimme ur phone no. pls...i want to noe u...
d gal :ok2. 012-2356453...here u go... (dunno whose no. it was)
crazyman :sure dis urs?
d gal :ya..ya..sure! bye~
crazyman :i'l call u...

quickly i drive my car away...left him behind...so berdebar2...
crazyman! aiyyoooo....please laa...
fuhh...d incident make me stop breathing coz takut sgt!

hope it wont happened again...
Tuhan,lindungi hambamu yang lemah dari kekejaman manusia...aminn...

*gals out there extra carefull every second ok. takecare of urself... & d man, please dont scare us, d gals...peace!

Awesome potluck at naj's crib!

im glad i grab d chance to go to najia's potluck party yesterday. its was totally unexpected n i had soo much fun!
at first kinda sad coz most of my friends (assuntarians) cud not come. so xpela, i nekad nak g jugak since najia's flying soon to aussie.

so after keje,i cepat2 balik to cook d special fried spaghetti for d potluck. wif the help of my lovely sista's n mom, i managed to cooked within an hour. den siap2, dunno wat to wear, so i just grab my pink stripe shirt,jeans, put on my favourite hairband (i love hairband nowdays!) lipstick on my lips.done!

drove down d road, im kinda forgotten d way to naj's how tapi kate orang, klu tujuan ikhlas n niat baik sure xsesatnyerr...thank God! sampai dgn selamat n di rumah yang betul. im d second person arrived so tolong2 ckit ape yg patut. wheee...

time past by, lotsa najia's friend datang n mostly guys...haiyyaa...malu laa...but il be myself n mingled around wif them,built connection n laughing all d times. im soo happy meeting new friends. =) haslam,afif,farhan,jeff,fakar,andy,amir,nabil,fazly....n d names goes on n on which i cudnt really remember...
i hope after dis i could meet more new friends n be part of the happiness in their life. i really love yesterday n hope there is more like dis in near future.

at d end of d day, i realized that i can accept what had happened to me n i'll promise myself to lead my life to the fullest!!! nothing gonna change if i didnt make my first move to change!
so here i am...i change myself, i change the world! peace.


cinta pergi...

Friday, June 12, 2009

sungguh xdisangka bende yang emma cube elak n paling takut telah pun terjadi...


sayu hati ini bila ditinggalkan jejaka hatiku yg amat ku cintai...
pedih,luka,sedih,perit semuanya jadi satu...xterkata perasaan ini menanggungnya...4 tahun bercinta xcukup untuk menjaga hati seorang lelaki...ntahlaa...

mase mula2 terjadi emma lemah sangat...sangat...
tapi skang dah boleh terima...
emma sedar ni sume ketentuan Tuhan n emma xboleh mengubah ape yg dah terjadi...hati xboleh dipakse kan? biarla die pergi dari hidup emma...itu yg die mahu...

papepun emma bersyukur sgt sebab punya kwn2 yg byk bg sokongan n kekuatan untuk emma bangun n mulakan langkah baru dalam hidup baru...single! (xpernah terfikir pun akan single...aduhai...) to all my friends (u noe who u are) thanks a zillion coz make my day n give me support+encouragement! without u guys i wud have die...my soul die. thanks alotttttt!!!!! =)
to all my friends juga, maaf kerana emma xdpt nak menjaga hubungan ini dgn sebaik2nya...
maaf sgt...

ok, pasni nak watpe ye?

sayangi diri sendiri...
akan lebih berdikari...
hanya kawan2ku n keluarga jantung hatiku skang...
nak grad dgn result yg gempaQ!
mau wat practical di tempat yg maha hebat!
menjadi org yg sgt hebatttt! suatu hari nanti..... aminnn....

jujurnye, emma mendoakan si dia gembira,bahagia,tenang dan sentiasa in love wif his new gf...dan semoga mengecapi apa yang diinginkan dalam hidupnya...futsal,bola,games,pc,mu, dan segalanya...bebas! kawan2 tolong doakan kebahagian die juga ya... aminnn...

cinta yang direstui telah pergi....tiada lagi cinta dalam hati ini...yang ada cinta nan Satu.
Ya Allah, Kau kuatkanlah diriku dan jadikan aku manusia yang lebih baik dari hari ini...aminn...

sayu.......nanges... =(

cinta restu.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sangat mendebarkan hari ini kerana akan ku temukan jejaka hatiku dengan ayah tercinta secara officialnya. Kebetulan kami akan ke majlis perkahwinan cazen di greenwood. Mak ajak jejaka hatiku datang ke majlis itu. Nasib baik dia sporting nak pergi.

Apabila sampai dirumah untuk menjemput ayah, jejaka hatiku sangat berdebar dan ku tenangkan dia sambil berkata "xda pape,jgn takut". Kami duduk di ruang tamu sambil menunggu ayah bersiap. Apabila ayah turun dari tingkat atas...dupp..dupp...duppp...saya pun terasa debarannya,mane tau ayah xberkenan ke...

Alhamdulillah... =)

Ayah sangat ramah dan menyenangi jejaka hatiku. Ku sangat bersyukur. Aku sayangkan kedua-dua lelaki itu. Dalam kereta pun banyak yang ayah dan jejaka hatiku bualkan. Aku cuma mendengar dan memandu. Nampak keserasian diantara mereka wujud.

Alangkah indahnya jika awal-awal lagi begini. Cinta restu.
Terima kasih ayah.

Semoga jejaka hatiku gembira dengan penerimaan ayah (no more hiding). u will be part of my family soon. InsyaAllah. So we both must take a good care of our relationship.

i love u.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

i'm new.

IT'S MINE. so it is all up to me. =)

so here..gemawan, it's mine.

luvluv... :)