hello sunshine!

eyes starts to droll down d bits & pieces of my life...

crazily beautiful day!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ahaaa.. guess wat?!!!!


My wish came true!
I got my dream job!
" Corporate Communications Executive "
It's Permanent.
no more contract.
no more uncertainty.
no more worriesome.
more n more benefits
more commitment awaits
i dont mind
as long as i got dat permanent job!
plus i love what i am doing now.

Heart is crazieeely beautifully HAPPY this morning right after d interview ends.

so freakkkinggg HAPPY!

Alhamdulillah sangat sangat sangat Ya Allah.

Thanks to mak,ayah,opah,my love,friends and everyone who supported and prayed for me.
Love u guys alot!

Psst : 2nd thing in my mind was u, after mak&ayah. :)