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2 weeks of battlefield ---> ready or not?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's sunday morning and im facing mr. arab now, hugging & kissing them tightly. looking at the planner for dis upcoming 2 weeks of school, im afraid, fear, anxious yet excited!
why? why? why?

these 2 weeks will be the last weeks of my final semester. last moment in the faculty to be capture, gonna miss a whole lots of student life. everything. so i think everyone should embrace every single moment that u left. time is running out guys!

but in these 2 weeks time also, i consider it as d climax of everything! deadline of assignments is waiting, AFS event, final test, arab shooting, PR event, MPG, and lotsa other things i need to think about. i can said that this semester is much much more tougher (zillions of tougher) den the 3rd semester whereby we had to sit for 9 final exams. whoaaa! it's real man... my final semester is really cracking my head,unbalance emotions and turn me up side down. some is good, some is moderate, some is really bad.

to be honest, so far i can handle it well enough tho, it just that there's a few flaws here n there. but i guess that's normal. always tell my self that i have to change myself so that i can change the world and i do keep dis in my heart --> always.

my parents & my grandma is my biggest inspiration. they are the pillars behind all my success. i will never give up to achieve my dreams coz i believe everyone can get what they want in life under the bless of their parents n Allah.
do things with sincerity and honesty n things will get back to you sincerely.insyaAllah.

to all my friends, life is getting tougher n tougher day by day. face it or u fail without fighting it. don't ever2 give up. i want all my mates to grad together with me. this is not the time to step back. it is the time to move forward bravely. we faced harder then this before. so never give up!

time to rebel darling!!! :)

i hope i can do the best in this last semester and i really wanna grad with flying colors & fulfill my dreams. insyaAllah.

i just need to be more stronger,zealous and vigilant in everything i do. determination is at the highest level!

so am i ready? i guess YES! come on babe! fight me! :)


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