hello sunshine!

eyes starts to droll down d bits & pieces of my life...

Goodbye Melbourne.

Monday, December 7, 2009


it is one of the toughest decision i have to made.
it is my dream since my secondary school to go abroad.
it is one of the thing i wish to come true in my life.
it is useless to wait for something that is indistinct...

so now, im letting it go...
thinking hardly enough about this and i've decided to let it go... :'(

there's a lot of pros and cons about this.
i hope i've made d right choice for my future,my career n my life path.
everything are considered while making these decision.

Sime Darby Property.

this is my soon to be place for internship.
i will be attach under Corporate Communication Department.
maybe it gonna give some light for my future career.
i hope i can make it to d upmost level and achieve all my dreams!

Rezeki ada di mana2, apa yang penting diri sendiri,usaha dan tawakal.


5 justaword:

nuruliznie said...

ema. good luck in whatever you do, k? love ya always.

Gemawan Ahmad said...

insyaAllah, thanks nie! i love u alwayswayswaysways ok! mmmuuahhxxxx! :)

fadly ismail said...


Jill said...

just to get me out of boredom, i stumbled upon ur blog which i never knew existed! haha.. Kak Ema, how i wish i could have the strength of yours, the perseverance and determination to accomplish every mission without turning back. You don't even set limits to urself. How i wish things would be just fine in the midst of broken hearts and uncertainties.. sad bout d Melbourne thing, u know i always wanted to c at least one of our classmates can make d cut but anyway u know what's best for you.. reflecting on d experience we've endured before, i can't be more than thankful to have worked with you, a chance i would never traded with anything else, i couldn't ask for more better family. Indeed, i'm so thankful.. it's a random long thoughts of mine. Wish you the best for the internship which i know you will soar high! I believe the best is out there for you to claim :)) sob.. sob..

jebat derhaka said...

sentiasa ingat dan berpegang pada satu prinsip...tuhan yg beri kita rezeki dan bukan individu atau sesiapapun yg mampu melakukan sedpertiNYA..tabah dan sentiasa ingat bahawasanya ada kehikmahan berlaku pada setiap keputusan dan langkah yg di ambil...ceria sentiasa...