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Awesome potluck at naj's crib!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

im glad i grab d chance to go to najia's potluck party yesterday. its was totally unexpected n i had soo much fun!
at first kinda sad coz most of my friends (assuntarians) cud not come. so xpela, i nekad nak g jugak since najia's flying soon to aussie.

so after keje,i cepat2 balik to cook d special fried spaghetti for d potluck. wif the help of my lovely sista's n mom, i managed to cooked within an hour. den siap2, dunno wat to wear, so i just grab my pink stripe shirt,jeans, put on my favourite hairband (i love hairband nowdays!) lipstick on my lips.done!

drove down d road, im kinda forgotten d way to naj's how tapi kate orang, klu tujuan ikhlas n niat baik sure xsesatnyerr...thank God! sampai dgn selamat n di rumah yang betul. im d second person arrived so tolong2 ckit ape yg patut. wheee...

time past by, lotsa najia's friend datang n mostly guys...haiyyaa...malu laa...but il be myself n mingled around wif them,built connection n laughing all d times. im soo happy meeting new friends. =) haslam,afif,farhan,jeff,fakar,andy,amir,nabil,fazly....n d names goes on n on which i cudnt really remember...
i hope after dis i could meet more new friends n be part of the happiness in their life. i really love yesterday n hope there is more like dis in near future.

at d end of d day, i realized that i can accept what had happened to me n i'll promise myself to lead my life to the fullest!!! nothing gonna change if i didnt make my first move to change!
so here i am...i change myself, i change the world! peace.


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