hello sunshine!

eyes starts to droll down d bits & pieces of my life...

what will me-list say darling...2010.

Monday, December 28, 2009

whoaa... 2009 gonna end soon babe!

i've been thinking about me-list of 2010, what i want, what do i wanna achieve, what will be my future, will my dream become reality? yaddaa yaddaa...like ALOT in my head now ok.
considering 2009, this are what i can lump out :

basically 2009 is not a good year for me, cause too many things happened. here are 20 things happened in my 2009 life :
1) 'heartbroken' incident
2) life with Ida Altahari
3) saw real accident
4) knowing new circle of friends
5) working @ ALDO
6) putri gone
7) internship @ Sime Darby Property
9) mak su engagement
10) cousin's wedding
11) lil Hafiz born
12) car broke down
13) friends flying abroad for internship
14) fatin's engagement
15) elin's engagement
16) 'unexpected' incident
17) the worst ever presentation
18) the worst ever exam's answers
19) Ceo of PR Mode Agency & project director for AFS World Congress 2009
20) 'S' chapter

everyone need a little sunshine to wrap up this year including me so i wanna end 2009 as quick as possible cause i wanna indulge myself with new spirit, new life and new me in 2010. whatever happened i accept it and to reminisce it well i guess maybe.

moving forward...

here it come, 2010!
deep inside my heart im praying hard that 2010 will be a better year for me and having blast all throughout the year. finger crossed! :)
so here will be What me-list say :

1) ka-ching! $$$$$,$$
- mean that i need to get a good job after graduate
- no more asking my parents for pocket money! wheee!
- go craziee shopping n dress like i want it so badly before.
- vacation! (hoping for Sipadan Island) or Bali!
- saving (i dont think so i can! duhh..)
- search for d best coffee & scrumptious food everywhere on earth.

2) Love perhaps!
- want to be love by someone who love me sooooo much! enough said. :)

3) Bestow good health to me & family
- need to exercise alot
- need to eat healthy food n less sugar
- less drink cause i tend to drink extra alot

4) Miscellaneous
- take up dancing class
- help to renovate house
- bridesmaid for mak su's wedding
- self-enrichment
- read alot of inspirational books & novel
- learn to cook better & more
- volunteer works
- get new hairstyle
- wardrobe clearance
- learn to play guitar

owhh, here is my Capricorn horoscope for 2010.

Career, Incomes and Gains
There would be some heavy or useless expenditure during the beginning of the year. But, later things would be under control. Overall, this year is going to be an encouraging year. Due to influence of transiting planets, you would be obtaining success in all major or important projects. If you are in business and running your independent firm, you might feel yourself as a highly fortunate person.

Thus, there are finest chances of entering into new and profitable deals. You might get new clients which will enhance your good luck or prosperity. At the same time, you will fully capable to provide best services for your old clients. Thus, you might maintain both clients properly. Additionally, if your business is related to import export, counseling, textile, toys, information technology and finance, you might earn much money than others.

Those are in service will also enjoy fruits of their hard work. Possibilities of being promoted would be high. You may get foreign assignments. Simultaneously, if you experienced in speculation, this is a golden year to make best use of your experience. Gains through speculation are clearly indicated by planets.

Love, Family and Social Life
Possibly you may get expected cooperation and support towards your lover. Both of you feel a deep attraction and like to spare lot of precious moments together.
Your inclination will increase towards opposite sex and you would like to spare every possible moment with your lover or spouse.

If, you're single and looking for someone, your search may be ended, you may find a suitable person for yourself. Overall, this is an excellent year where personal life is concerned. You’re going to enjoy your love life.

Those are married, will also enjoy their married life. However, they have minor disputes or misunderstandings with their life partners. Both of you should try to control your aggressiveness. Due to it, you may have very harmonious relationship with your spouse.

Education and Traveling
It might prove a good year in terms education or study related matters. You may get success in your ventures. Especially, if you are pursuing higher education, things would be working in your favor. Your sincere efforts will provide surprising success. It is fact results would be beyond than expectations.

Those are interested in long distance traveling; this is a golden year for those.

Health wise it is not a good year. You might suffer due to chronic as well as fever or other such kinds of diseases. You should take diet properly and do not avoid any minor health problems. You should visit to doctors other wise it may affect to your professional life too. (opsss...)

In accordance to that, im working my way up to the ladder of life and hopefully most of me-list will be accomplish tremendously along the year! InsyaAllah...

soaring high my dear! :)

8 justaword:

imhays damha said...

mcm2 dah jadi 2009 ni. hmm..yg sedih tu..byk2 sabar..yg coming soon, GOOD LUCK!

yang benar,
Ahmad Syahmi Abd Nasir.

Gemawan Ahmad said...

thanks syahmi! i really need all d luck for 2010.. =)

jebat derhaka said...

=)what a long list of me-list...well for you i can say gud luck and all the best for 2010
chapter baru daripada book of life...=)
love?all the best im sure there is a guy yg akan suka,cinta,jaga,belai,manjakan you sebaik mungkin...yakin dan sentiasa buka hati untuk menerima seadanya =)
work!!!yeah!!!kerja keras baru boleh shop2 shop..

drink?why drink less...minum banyak air menyihatkan badan...jgn reduce..maintain..unless maksud drink tu sumthing yg membuatkan kita happy tetiba..
apapun diwishkan yg terbaik buat 2010 dan bersedia menghadapi apa jua cabaran dan dugaan yg mendatang kerana cabaran dan dugaan adalah cara kita belajar dan cara tuhan mendidik kita supaya lebih cerdik dan juga kuat..

Gemawan Ahmad said...

jay darling! thanks for all d support and encouragement! ure such a great2 friend of mine n i love u sooo much! :)
love : insyaAllah, Tuhan Maha Adil & Maha Mengetahui kehendak hambanya.. :)
Kerja : yes jay! i akan cube wat yg terbaik untuk dapatkan kerja yg terbaik so dat i can belanja u! :)
drink : i think i gemok air coz i guess u pun tau i minum air sangat banyak dalam sehari...hahaha
hope u had a great 2009 and awesome 2010! all d best to u dear! mmmuahhxxx!

jebat derhaka said...

gemuk air?salah pemahaman tu tau...anyway maybe anda salah orang =)
saya bukan jay anyway pleased to meet ya...yg terbaik wat tahun ini

Gemawan Ahmad said...

oppss...so sorry! i thought u jay...
then who r u?
nice to meet u too..

nuruliznie said...

what's up with S chapter??? :)))

Gemawan Ahmad said...

amboi nie...senyum terlebih nampak? hehehe