hello sunshine!

eyes starts to droll down d bits & pieces of my life...

teeheee :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010


ushered the VVIPs

lotsa MEDIA people

MAPs ushers

Being d Garland girls

with kak Sarah

with Managing Director of SDP

 d beautiful scenery of our private dinner

d awesome team

our Chairman is cool tho!

d baby was soo cute!!

Players : Michelle Wie & Cristina Kim

Being d usher for VVIPs

    Charity Gala Dinner 2010 

my colleague : Sarah

Being d usherette..again..haha

i love d player! (in grey top) she is sooo gorgeous!

and again...usherette.. :)

Leads d winner n VVIPs

all eyes r on me.us.


Once in a life time experience! with Sultan Azlan Shah, The Sultan of Perak

Jimin Kang - LPGA winner


Happiesttt moment!

Corporate Relations Unit - AWESOME TEAM!

See, how happy i am kann...


My dream car! Grrrrr...

Mr. Chairman of SD - Tun Musa Hitam

The hectic life has ended n well... i enjoyed every moment of it. honestly..
May Allah & my parents bless me of what im doing. amennn...
Will do my job beautifully n with sincerity, InsyaAllah... :)

Psst : during d closing ceremony, my eyes r so busy looking for you among d spectators hoping that u will watch me...closely.. but u weren't there.. kinda dissapointed but i understand... :(

2 justaword:

nuruliznie said...

congrats! im happy for you. i can see how beautiful u are up there - on the stage - with sultan azlan syah! wows. btw, im proud of you :))

allboutema said...

thanks alot ninie! mmmuahhhhxxx! :)))