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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yes, The Inaugural Sime Darby LPGA 2010 has ended. All the hurly burly environment is no more.
Back to normal life.
Back to the ordinary works.
Back to d office.
Back to go for lotsa dates n movies n coffee time n yadda yaddaa...

Am I happy? Yes I am!

Cant wait for next year coz Sime Darby LPGA 2011 is coming back n i hope it will be moree fun n exciting!
I was in TV3 news regarding this golf matter when Jimin Lee won. I saw me! :)))

Alot of emotional break down along the way, not to forget the bumpies and challenges either its a personal matters or work matters. but. I've learned alot from what i had gone through.

Beauty behind this was, I get to see d players closely, dealt with lotsa new people, strengthen my skills n personality and get to know more VIPs esp Sime Darby top management people plus learned how to managed stress,frustration n communication breakdown in a positive way. I love the team!

I just love my job! This is my passion. This is what i want. Looking forward for more n more n moree of this in near future. :)

Psst : Mr. Sime Darby has taken me way n i am truly apologise of what had happened. u hurt.my bad. I am so sorry dear.

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nuruliznie said...

well done my dear ema. so apa lagi lepas ni boleh kita berjimbaaaa :)

btw, tak sempat tonton kamu di tv3. dalam youtube boleh cari tak? :P