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an evening to remember

Monday, November 22, 2010

hey hey hey... after a week of holidays im back at work. want moreee holidays! *ok, sounded unfair.* haha

last sunday, i was so happy meeting d girls, friends and classmates. daym! hilarious moment blurted out from each one of us like we've never seen for years...we took our robe unfortunately S size out of stock *teribbly unhappy* but wat to do...slightly late. hey! they shud have moreee S in-stock for people like us.me. @_@

opps! ;)

then, we..d gurls go n menerewang! IZNIE, SARAH, AMAI & ME! we went to watch "An Evening to Remember With Yuna" @ ASWARA, Jalan Duta.
we had soo much fun! watching Yuna performed, Rythm of Borneo was totally rocking d stage! not to mention No Noise Purcussion, MIM, Ion Height & etc.
Thanks to amai for d tix! love u lots!


then, we..I mean ninie, drive crazily okkk... sampaikan we've got one middle finger from this konon macho guy bawak motor besaq..Bluekkkk!  we had fun lol!

Later we...decided to mamam at Istana Bambu somewhere in Keramat..the place was soo awesome, full of bamboos ambiance & lovely. d dishes was also sumptious and super hot esp d tom yam! very kung lah! i like! that nyte ramai jugak lah jadik 'mangsa tolong amik gambar kami' hahaha...sorry. ouhh..we laughed like no body business, mouth cant stop shutting up and teasing each other always. love it love it soo lovin it!

pengarang majalah pengantin terunggul ;p

gadis NTV7 popular ;p

Editor terkemuka ;p

PR terhebat ;p

terbaik! yumm yumm :)

Cant wait for convo!
Cant wait for our very first time ever girls vacation! Langkawi@Redang@Pangkor  wohooo!
Cant wait for everything!

d pix speaks for us showing how we enjoyed to d fullest kannn? :) love uols alot!

Psst : Pix honey! ---> thanks a million! :D

4 justaword:

nuruliznie said...

i had soooooo much fun!!! urgh kejap je dah rindu balik nak gelak2 lagi macam kedai tu kita yang punya. haha! looking forward pasal percutian kita tu. i just LOVE you guys tooooo much and thanks for being there, stick dengan izni walau bawak keta macam haram (haha pasal mat tunjuk middle finger tu kelakar).

btw, thanks ema untuk post ini :)

allboutema said...

love u too. ALOT! n of coz we will stick with u as long as u stick to us.. yeayyy!

SarahSevier said...

auww thanks emaaaa!!! totally an evening to remember kan? :) love you girls so much!

allboutema said...

yes sarah! d concert title really ment for us! :)love u too sangat2!