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Monday, November 15, 2010

bila berkata tentang shopping, semua perempuan pun suka. sangat suka. lagi2 klu ditemani a bunch of girlfriends yg awesome! do craziee things, try out sooo many outfit n take photos in d fitting room (which is strictly not allowed!) hop in n off from one shop to another.. making fun in front of the mirror.. walk at the pavement like a soo called model on d runner way..giggling, gossiping and gagaing almost about everything! urghhh... it is totally rocking d day!

bila berkata tentang shopping, dengan teman lelaki.. yeayyy! they can sponsor us, a least a lil bit,50%? 100%? thats what a gurl want. but the most important thing is, gurl likes d guy who go into her world of shopping frenzy! too bad...not all gurls are fortunate to have such a patient guy accompanying d gurl. most of d boyfie, had that boring looked while d gurlfie in d most super excited face when see things that catches their eyes!

i think...

i am so fortunate, my boyfie is soo supportive n willing to accompanied me eventhough i know that is totally out of his world. especially to walk back n forth just to google around the shopping mall for a pair of shoe. i can said that we went to almost all the shoes outlet, not to mention we've gone there twice nor trice just to get a look at that particular shoe again n again. we dance while walking, laughing like no body business and making fun of each other (ya..too much making fun pun can killed us also kan b?)  hee.. tho at the end of the day we're soo tired but at least d moment make us know each other well. another layer of attitude been discovered.
ouhh..he really got a good taste but sometimes our taste are totally different. One thing for sure, i felt incomplete when i'd purchased a thing without his yes. something, somewhere is missing.

I am truly sorry...

Gurls are soo mad when it comes to shopping n sales!
Gurls can be soo patient when it comes to go round every inches of the shopping mall eventhough their legs and feet is soo freaking tired.
Gurls turns out to be so ridiculous when it comes to options and decision of chosing only one single thing to be purchase. they want many many options.
Gurls tend to be fussy & childish when they didnt get what they really want.


That is us. cant be change. that is just us.

Psst : problem solved fantastically! :D

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Syamimi said...

awesome! having a nice time ya..

allboutema said...

yep3! :)