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Thursday, July 1, 2010

From nearly 400 shoots, only 4% of it i can say was OK. The rest, naahh..
i should give a pat on my back for trying & learning. hee
u need ur heart&mind into it so that naturally d shoot would be WELL DONE!
ema perlukan kelas peralihan untuk mata pelajaran Photography. tettt! haha

Thanks encek zahari zakaria, awak buat saye menjadi buruan puluhan lensa camera seketika. uhhh..

Model yg xserupa model.hahaha
few pics stolen from few amateur photographers without any editing ya. *clap* to them!


Psst : sorry for being too clumsy yesterday nite. btw LBS sangat best! thanksssss! =)

4 justaword:

nuruliznie said...

wows! nice pics you have here sayang. teruskan usaha :D

allboutema said...

thanks darling! :)
insyaAllah jika saya memiliki slr sendiri nanti..hee..
psst: mau blaja dari awak juge!

Syamimi said...

Hi Emma! How r u doing?
I ve been reading ur blog for quite a while..
tapi xdapat tingalkan foot print becoz before this xleh comment..Y?
hehe.. :D It's nice to get some update about u from here :)

Anyway nice pitca u have up there.. xsia2 amik photo comm dulu..

allboutema said...

Hi mem!!! wahhh..lame dah we didnt keep in touch.
im all fine here..everything seems to be so good so far. :)
how bout u?

btw, all this while i dont know that u or the readers couldnt leave any footprints or comment. what did it said? error or something? my setting ke yg salah?
if u know, please help me on this ya...seriously dont know.huhuuu...