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tak salah kan?

Monday, June 21, 2010

last sunday i had  fun & a relaxing date with my love at subang parade.
we hang around and making fun of each other like no body cares.

we lepak at Dome sipped my fav drink-coffee! we ate our fav fish & chip as well. it was a lovely weekend i can say!

den of coz it is so me, sneaking out my eyes for some shopping galore.. pooff! i bought a wedges that i've been wanting soo much since last month! (eventho penny's drying up! hahaha)

search for father's day card and that night itself me n alang gave it to ayah. he's smiling while receiving it and seems like he's so happy eventho it is just a card. we salam and cium ayah...terharu rasenye...

owhh..nak cerita ckit...

while paying for d card, got this one man age around 40 was standing next to me, close to the counter. In front of it was a range of book "Najib, Beginning Of A Legacy". I glance through it and thought it is a good book to read. suddenly his son approach him and ask "Dad! Why are you reading that book?"
He look shocked and gelabah. he hurriedly put the book back at the rac and walk away. Funny isn't it?
I grinned and shake my head off.

salah ke orang cina berminat nak baca kisah najib? x salah kan?

Psst : thanks for the Letter to Prime Minister.

2 justaword:

SarahSevier said...

hey, ema gi subang parade xbitau! i went there as well that day. :D

allboutema said...

xplan pun sarah...hehe
xde rezeki nak jumpe..xpe, next time roger2 ye.. :)