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dear true friends...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

 "A true friend stabs you in the front"
by Oscar Wilde

Had thought of this quite frequent. i hardly have real true friends except my sayangs and my assuntarian peers. i just love them and i just love for whom they are. they dont have to be party animal, little rascal, social butterfly, intellectualist, sweet sweet honeybee or drama queen. it is just THEM.
i'm glad i've discovered them long time ago and slowly we become mutual.
Surely did, bad things happened, hatred feelings, cat fight or childness attitude among us but still the bond is there. 
farewell to those feary moments, sadness, hanky panky and sinister feelings. 
i love our friendship. becoz of little fight, 5 years of friendship being dump in a trice.
this is soo saddening. frustrating. worrying.
i know, LOTS of things happen around/between us/among u guys but please reminisce back all the memories and please walk away yourself from this destroying unwanted ship.
i wish i could have this magic fairystick to do the *ting! tadda...everything back to normal and we r together forever without all those scary past moment shared.
life will be endlessly struggle with full of frustrations and challenges. so please dont get yourself stranded.
the choice is yours.

1st time :  kesatria recruits that we hated so much! remember all d memories?

love u.all.alot.

Psst : love.u.only.alot. :)

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