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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

hey, miss It's mine ALOT!

too many events and occasions i've attended. everything seems blissful to me with smooth sailing.justa little bit bumpy but well dats life.

I would like to upload lotsa photos esp Fatin's wedding cum a Trip to johor with lovely lovely people plus surprised for birthday boy! but all dat sweet images kept by mr. fadly. (mau gambar please?)

next topic is Dean List Award!
Alhamdulillah, syukur pada Allah. He give me this beautiful mind that makes me whom I am today.
Highly appreciated it very much. Thanks to En. Ahmad & Puan Maimon for feeding me well to makes the brain superb! teehee :)

Sorry to say but d junior need to brush up their event management skills moreee... pity lotsa my friends (most of my batch from different sequence) coz they didnt know the event is actually existed and they werent invited at all! how come? last final one babe.. huuuu... the moment will be more cheerful with friends all around...huuu... :(

owhhh! i've cut my hair! shorter yet bouncier! more sleek-sophisticated looked! no more frizzy-flat looked! i like it alot coz xyah comb banyak2 kali like i used to be! hahaha... i guess i shud try more n more new hairstyle in future coz after all d hair will grow wat...plus boyfie pun xkesah! heee... :)

Now, i am totally in a hurly-burly coz of the major major event of the year will happen soon! The Inaugural Sime Darby LPGA Malaysia 2010 featuring 50 international women golf players (top 10 world ranking has confirmed their attendance) it is so exciting yet tiring! but i enjoy it very well so far..the challenges --> ALOT! nevermind, first-hand experience. still good to go babe! time ni lah nak tunjuk taring kan? ;)

So if u guys see this (below) remember me OK! hehee

psst : everysecond i miss u my daddybear!

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