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Thursday, August 26, 2010

recently i dont have all the 'sweet sweet honeymoon time' at the office to update my blog. :(
kinda hectic lately, banyak keje but im happy sebab i byk keje so xbosan! hahaha

recently i had a great moment with the girls! unfortunately sarah xdapat join. :( u guys can imagine how 'preggy' we are, after break fast. we ate alot ok! ALOT! :) fuhhhh....jenuh jugak nak mengabeskannye.

recently i got good new! my lovely mak su preggy!!! bunting pelamin la kate kan...yahooo! cant wait to touch d baby! mesti cute! :)

recently adik raised up her red flag! mine shud be sooo soon! huhu...

recently i've make a silly silly silly mistake! duhh! after this MUST be extremely meticulous like Ida Altahari.

recently a stupid misunderstanding that shouldnt happen had happened.Hate it when i'm in guilt. Hate it when these happen. :(

recently i had the chance to ate the most delicious murtabak (so far lah..)! It was at SS 18 Bazaar, Subang Jaya. stuffed with lotsa chicken & meat n it is well cooked! i just love it! :)

recently too many cat fight around me. i noe all d stories by hard but i couldnt do more than just be a listener. they are big enough to handle the situation. i love my friendship. i dont wanna lose it. i wish i could do something but i couldnt. so pleaseee friend... :(

Last but not least...

recently i think i enjoyed my life to the fullest! i'm quite fortunate to own lotsa love all around me. i feel at ease..sometimes i doubt it but all the time i felt that i'm being blessed by Allah. Alhamdulillah... :)

Psst : U r one of my recently life story.... :)

2 justaword:

nuruliznie said...

i had a really great time with you. thanks ema for being there when i need you. mendengar segala masalah nie. teman nie shopping. teman nie nangis.. :)

i want u to be here, in my life, like forever.

ps: ok tau sounds life gay-ish but i dont care. i love you, much! :D

allboutema said...

me too darl!
thanks for being such a great friend n it is lovely to have u in my life! love u too alot! mmmuahhhxxx!