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Friday, March 12, 2010

For this month, i am so determine to watch these 3 movies! because of too many events hanging around (some done some ongoing some coming soon) so it has been pending for quite some times (esp My Name is Khan). owhh..even my man is having a hectic day tangled with his projects. dang!

yeayyy! has watched it during d weekend! the movie is GREAT! khan & mandira love is soo mesmerised. can i have Khan's spirit in me n my man? their acting was superb and it is not just about love story, it is more than that ; religious,family,people's attitude towards Aspeger Sindrome (just known tis!) and politics and more... i give 5 stars! :) thanks darl! :)

ohhh man... this movie is sooo lovely,lotsa lovable actions yet tragic moment. robert pattison is so hawt! It's a mix of teen romance and family-bond love movie whereby i think it is good to go.  
After getting into a street fight, Tyler's arrested by a policeman who is just so happen has a daughter name Ally and coincidently Ally & Tyler studied in the same school. At first, Tyler's roommate (cant remember d name) bet him to make a retributive date to rebel what did Ally's dad did to them…but then Tyler-Ally love begins to bloom n its hawt! American tragedy Sept 11 was injected into this movie towards d ending.owhh..the penapis filem potong few hot, romantic scene between Tyler & Ally which we go alaaa...ahhh...huhhh....iskkk...anyhow, me n my man was riveted by the movie n its amazing! :) 4 stars!

this is cute!

I saw this movie with my man & my sista starring George Clooney as Ryan Bingham, a slick professional guy that is wifeless and childless. He work as a professional consultant who lays people off across the world (how on earth do this kinda job exist?! just known bout this...cruel job i can say..haha)  when Natalie comes on the scene with some advance ideas of laying peoples' off, Ryan cant really accept it. Until they create a bond when both of them travel across the world to terminate peoples' from their job and so they work well together. den comes Alex, masculine kinda businesswomen that also travel like Ryan. Everything seems to be different after Alex came into Ryan's life n Ryan started to fall in love and he realized how empty his life actually. Sadly, when he wanted to express his love affection, Alex is actually a wifey of a man and a mother of few kids ( during this scene, it is soo heart-crashing moment! kesian kat Ryan! :( haiyyaa...) Yet it was fun, entertaining n smart movie to be watch. At the end of the story, i can said that love is all we need... am i right? :)

guess wat? approximately 10 minutes before the movie end, BLACKOUT! d whole Pavilion okkk. hurghhh..so frustrated but with pile of patient in US, we've waited for the electricity to be fix so that our eagerness to know what was d ending is being fulfill.taddaaa...d patient pays off! thank you darl! :)

I am so in need of watching all dis movies peacefully. thank you.

Watched all including : GREEN ZONE & EDGE OF DARKNESS 

p/s: Thanks alot forSri Ayutthaya @ Damansara Heights! :))) nak g lagi?!

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