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yik mun dumpling!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

last sunday i went to tanjung malim followed my love for a site visit. we drop by at Yik Mun : The Famous Tg. Malim Pau. It is a home to the famous halal pau sold at tanjung malim. The Hainanese family has been making pau (steamed wheat flour dumpling) since 1926.

really! they served delicious pau in town! sedapppp! kaya, kari daging, kari ayam and kacang sume ada. we even try the Roti Kahwin (sounded so funny to me) and the taste is also delightful! we dont have to fight for the butter anymore since it comes with rich butter and kaya inside! Yummmy!

for drinks, xberapa koww sangat but ok ok la... d price range is affordable and should be fine. i notice that most of the customers came fro
m kl since their plat no. proved that. they travel far away just to taste the pau! great rite? the environment ala ala kopitiam mix with kampung style but it is just nice.

we bought some for my mum and opah n they loved it! thanks darl! :)

To those pau lover, go n try it! maybe u guys have different opinion about the taste, the food, the environment and everything. do share with me lol! :)
next time nak datang lagi! yeayy!

p/s : the way you take my hand is just so sweet.. -colbie caillat-

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SarahSevier said...

uuu dah jadi ur love ke skrg? hihihi
story story lar....

nuruliznie said...

setuju2. nie pon da penah rasa pau kat sini sedap gile ah! :)