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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

for this post,
i would like to dedicate special to my lovely sayang, MAHIRAH ABDUL WAHID a.k.a. clum2! ;)
i guess she is now has arrive Ohio whereby a dream came true for her! im proud of u babe! :)

sad things happened,
me, sarah, iznie nak g anta die hari tu, malangnye, kami lambat beberapa saat coz amai dah check in earlier... :( kami sangat2 ralat n kecewa xdapat nak hug&kiss amai lame2 n puas2...sangat3 ralat...just called her n said that 'we love u amai!' kami nanges kot :'(
xde rezeki...pasrah la kami... jenguk kat anjung tinjau je mane tau kot2 leh nampak amai for the last time (memang xkan nampak la kan) :(
btw, thanks to my superman coz driving like sooo fast trying to reach there in time! :)

to my dear Ms. Clum2,
she's clumsy yet clever
she with her nescafe & weird music (i can say)
she with her own style of walking, talking & thinking
she with her sepah2 nye barang (sometimes)
she with her loud sound of act & movement
she is my lovely sayang
she is my lovely housemate
she is my best friend
she is my competitor (in a good way)
she is my everything!

we have known each other for almost 5 years and the friendship is still growing strong!
my sayangs, iznie, alin, fatin are my close friends as well.
we do have girls fight
we do argue
we do agree
but most of all we do respect each other very well!
gossips? for sure!
shopping? of course!
makan2? wajib!

so now, im gonna miss every moment we together...she's far away..miles away...
me here praying for the best for her & i know she will excel and succeed in pursuing her ambition!

u go gurl!!!

love u!

miss u!

* to all my sayangs also! mmmuahhxxx! :)

2 justaword:

nuruliznie said...

ralat jugaaaa!!

huhu. takpela. dia balik nanti kita tgg kat airport sejam awal k ema? hehe.

eit. u r my kesayangans too :)

Gemawan Ahmad said...

tu la nie...t bukan takat sejam, 3 jam sebelum die landing kite tunggu depan arrival door tu siap dgn big banner ok! hehehe

love u darling! friendship never sink ok! :)