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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mr.boyfie is soo busy lately. at times, i rase hurmmm...maybe he has changed. we used to be out few days in a week.
- play tennis
- lepak at our fav old town white coffee bangsarII
- watch movie
- dinner
- mall
- somewhere over d rainbow~
- to receive his call now.very rarely.
- bbm,ok ok lah.

This little little thing sometimes disrupt me.
Is he changing? slowly changing?
i dont know.
But never mind... let him work hard for a better future i guess. :)
Chill ema!

In times like this, he suddenly gave me this beautiful poem. as if he know wat was in my mind.

Meski mulut tidak melafazkan,
Zahir tidak menyatakan,
Awak slalu dalam ingatan..

Walau terkadang terlupa lantaran kerja,
Terlewat dalam berjanji,
Terlanjur dalam berkata,
Diri ini selalu merinduimu..
Hati ini tak pernah jemu menyayangi..
Tidak pernah sedetik jantung ini
berdegup tanpa memikirkan dirimu..
Wajahmu slalu ku terbayang..
Malam dan siang..
Hanya kau di hati..
Sampai nafas b terhenti.. <3 <3 <3  

2 justaword:

siti hazlin said...

dear emma,
im having same situation now....
i feel so sad...
in fact,i ask him to 'PUTUS' for a while....n guess what?2 days already he not even sms me....so sad....

allboutema said...

cik alin,

As advised by mr.boyfie, never ever putus for a while, hang for a while or etc. coz that will start of the critical situation in a relationship - break up
so that is not the solution dear. heart to heart talk is very important