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Malaysia vs Arsenal

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Malaysia vs Arsenal 
thanks to mr. boyfie who purchased the tix! it was a total fun yaww! :)
tapi malangnya, Malaysia kalah 4-0 kpd Arsenal. Harimau Malaya does not perform that well i can say.
lemau semacam je.
as long as i got to watch d game for real!
mcm2 feil.
papepun bangga sebagai rakyat Malaysia :)

Malaysia vs Liverpool
I watched the game at opah's house.
Geram giler coz Msia performed so badly.esp. Fahmi! wat happen to you??
adoiittt! geramm sesangat lah! defend pun mcm sotong.
papepun it was a good game compare to d first one.(with arsenal)
Liverpool won by 6-3.

Malaysia vs Chelsea
Hoping that Malaysia can perform better! :)
Go go go Malaysia!

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