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Fashion @ work

Friday, April 9, 2010

this is what i wore during my 8.30am-5.30am date. ;)
Honestly i love to be stunning, gorgeous yet simple and neat look. not to say that i'm a attention seeker. it is just that i love to look good and dress up well where ever i go. BUT make up...ohhh NO! i dont really like it coz not even 2 hours i mess it up especially my eyes. it took me quite some times to clean it up(the hateful moment!)


 @ SDCC for LPGA event (ouhh..si comot bekerja)

@ SACC Convec

@ Forte Show Unit

@ Sunway Concention Centre, GTP Programme

@ Denai Alam, student visit

@ construction site, student visit from SEGI College

@ my cubicle,mengediks! ahaks

@ MPSJ, Majlis Pengkomposan

@ Tapak Masjid Bukit Jelutong, Majlis Pecah Tanah by Sultan 

@ Bukit Jelutong, Student Visit from Keong Hee University, Korea

@ office, surprise birthday Puan Juliana

@ Bukit Jelutong show house unit, visit Kabupaten Stragen, Indonesia

@ KLGCC, Idea House Signing Ceremony

so basically pictures above are me @ work.
far away from Ivanka Trump but yet getting closer LOL!
i wish i cud have 365 outfit a year. no repeatable.
lalalala...dreaming ema!
i can strongly confirm that 50% of my salary will be spend on my shopping for clothes! n another 50% from my future hubby! teet! (abes la die...)
it is proven, when im not in a shopping mall, even in the office i do window shopping, regardless of  the workloads waiting in front of me.
beautiful, lovely clothes makes me HAPPY! seriously.

owhhh... not to forget, Im crazy about SHOES as well!!! DANG!
sadly, its hard for me to find a comfortable shoes...always hurting my feet. :(

psst : ur gf is CRAZYYY! hahaha

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